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    Hey NG! Well, let’s get going on about me, I have been playing on the server for about 2 weeks now. It is a good one, although not very populated I see. I usually play 1v1 with a friend, and every now and then there are some people joining. But, I am here to help you make those players join frequently! I am 15 years old, soon to be 16 (23rd november). I am a normal, average popular high schooler, when no females, homework and such come in the way I play 3-4 h a day. I speak spanish,romanian,english,swedish xD
    Ha det bra!



    Replies from previous forum!

    21.09.2013, 20:55 – prx – Administrator – 105 Inälgg
    Gött att se att någon är aktiv! smiling Känner du dig manad att hjälpa till med servern är du mer än välkommen! smiling
    21.09.2013, 22:30 – ElHak1st – Rank 1 – 3 Inälgg
    Mer än gärna! Är inte någon noob som bara förstör heller smiling I have my share of experience! Meen jag skulle, som sagt, gärna hjälpa till med servern och annat. xD
    22.09.2013, 12:57 – xPect – Administrator – 310 Inälgg
    Sounds great ElHak1st – Let this be a trial period for 1 month or so, and I’ll be joining in when I get time. Omw to work now, so won’t be before late night or tomorrow.

    Best of luck.
    22.09.2013, 23:49 – ElHak1st – Rank 1 – 3 Inälgg
    Thx, mate. Just in case ou want to check your logs or anything, I have been playing with several nicks as well: Variations of HEREIAM, Andrei and NOSOUND!. Som sagt, tack!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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The community n3xt Gaming has existed since 2007. We started out with a community, concentrating on the teams we had then. When we were most active we had 3 male Counter Strike teams, 1 female Counter Strike team and 1 Counter Strike Source team. We have seen many players come and go during this time and our teams have entered many competitions. Many of the n3xt crew have gone to Dreamhack to play and have fun and some of us will probably continue to go in the years to come. During that time we had 2 public servers as well and they were very active and popular among players from northern Europe. To learn more about us feel free to read up at the about page.



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