Rocket League: Release of new DLC



Rocket League is changing alot nowadays, not only can you now face PS4 users when gaming on a PC but you can also match up against Xbox. And for you guys who are used to Rocket League, you know that when Psyonix have released DLC’s before you get a set package of cars included in that DLC. Is this a trend for a couple of good changes?

This time you can buy the cars separately, where the prices are set to 1.99$ per car. To quote psyonix themselves:

“Priced at $1.99 USD per vehicle, each car has its own unique personality and inspiration. Whether it’s the Neo Tokyo-inspired, “Esper” and “Masamune” or classic Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Car vehicles, “Marauder” and “Aftershock,” there’s a little something for everyone regardless of your stylistic preferences.”

Here are two imges by Psyonix to demonstrate the cars:


marauder_aftershock NeoTokyo_Cars-1650x880


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