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Tech-Labs annonserar cup

Techlabs annonserar en cup som väntas gå av staplen den 11 februari. Denna utanonsering skedde redan för två dagar sedan och man kan tydligt se att där är en hel del högpresterande lag som skall delta. Namn som representerar Sverige är, SK, Fnatic och Lions. Finalen kommer hållas i ett

Steam launches Android and iOS app for free, in beta

Valve today announced and launched a Steam application for both iOS and Android platforms. The app, dubbed “Steam Mobile,” allows users to chat, read a limited selection of syndicated gaming news, browse groups and profiles, and purchase games while on the go. Like many Valve products before it, the App

Förändringar och nyheter!

Lite nya ändringar har skett i serverparken, ny hårdvara har köpts in för att främja för framtiden här på n3xt Gaming. Samtidigt har en ny hemsida skapats för inte så längesen, och forumet ändrades till att bli en större succe. Vi har också utökat servrarna med en CSDM (Deathmatch) server,

Even n3xt has to say goodbye to Christmas

Christmas came, it was awesome and we hope everyone had a great time and met with friends and family during the holidays. n3xt continued it’s work, we did this by making Server #4 to a Christmas-server, spicying up the mood for Christmas with Christmas maps, big gifts, trees covered with

New web-page!

It’s always fun with a little “facelift” on websites, especially if there is big improvements for the users. We hope to have succeeded with this. The website now has advanced profiles where you can fill in information about you and your computer, chat with others in the live chat and


The community n3xt Gaming has existed since 2007. We started out with a community, concentrating on the teams we had then. When we were most active we had 3 male Counter Strike teams, 1 female Counter Strike team and 1 Counter Strike Source team. We have seen many players come and go during this time and our teams have entered many competitions. Many of the n3xt crew have gone to Dreamhack to play and have fun and some of us will probably continue to go in the years to come. During that time we had 2 public servers as well and they were very active and popular among players from northern Europe. To learn more about us feel free to read up at the about page.



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