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SSD enheter faller i pris

Har du som många andra funderat på möjigtvis uppgradera datorns hårdvara och ge den en ordentlig kick med en ny SSD? Sweclockers har skrivit en artikel kring hur priserna har börjat ändras och att priset nu ligger kring 5kr/GB. Vilket är ganska lågt med tanke på hur det har sett

CSPromod releases version 1.10

The Counter-Strike era keeps on going in CSPromod, with their new version ‘1.10’ we have opened up a couple of servers for CSPromod of which any information released can be found below, as well as a download link & our server IP’s. Alot of changes has bin done to the

CS ProMOD 1.09 Released!

So after a long wait – They have finally released the next version of CSProMOD. This released includes a lot of new features same as bug fixes. A completely changelog would fill our whole frontpage, so I’ll leave a link to it. Head to our download section to download

New IP for our servers

During the past few months we have discussed internally if an ISP change would improve our users experience. We have come to the conclusion that this is the case, why – Because the latency will lower for the majority of our users. We have known for some time that Bahnhof


The community n3xt Gaming has existed since 2007. We started out with a community, concentrating on the teams we had then. When we were most active we had 3 male Counter Strike teams, 1 female Counter Strike team and 1 Counter Strike Source team. We have seen many players come and go during this time and our teams have entered many competitions. Many of the n3xt crew have gone to Dreamhack to play and have fun and some of us will probably continue to go in the years to come. During that time we had 2 public servers as well and they were very active and popular among players from northern Europe. To learn more about us feel free to read up at the about page.



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