New CS server IP

We have changed to a faster and more stable internet connection and with that change, we have also received a new IP address for our Gaming servers. For those using the hostname, no changes will have to be made, but those using the IP address will have to change

New Website

As you may have noticed, we have a new design. We were forced to upload it a bit before time, due to unforeseen issues with the old site, so we decided to just push the new one live a little a head of time. This means that over Christmas and

Kazi Networks celebrates 10 years anniversary

Our hosting provider is Celebrating 10 years anniversary. They offer 10-50% lifetime #discount on all hosting products. This includes, Domains, Hosting, Minecraft, Mumble & VPS. 10% off on all VPS Servers – discount code: 10YVPS 10% off on Minecraft servers – Contact for more details on our servers. 25% off

Page issues. – Updated

After the latest update of the WordPress system our Translate plugin failed to function as it should. This is causing some pages and links to be displayed incorrect, e.g. the members and profile page, is showing incorrect info. We are working on solving the issue as fast as possible and

New web-page and new Forum.

As you may have noticed, we have a brand new web-page and also a new forum. The old system was getting harder and harder to maintain, so we finally decided to start over and build a new page, using WordPress. We were able to move users and manually move posts


The community n3xt Gaming has existed since 2007. We started out with a community, concentrating on the teams we had then. When we were most active we had 3 male Counter Strike teams, 1 female Counter Strike team and 1 Counter Strike Source team. We have seen many players come and go during this time and our teams have entered many competitions. Many of the n3xt crew have gone to Dreamhack to play and have fun and some of us will probably continue to go in the years to come. During that time we had 2 public servers as well and they were very active and popular among players from northern Europe. To learn more about us feel free to read up at the about page.



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